About Us

Mr Colin Lloyd (Director) runs the charity on a daily basis and is always open to new ideas so be in touch via the contact form.

Lifeline Child Sponsorship is the work of the charity ‘Lifeline Ministries East Africa’, which is committed to the eradication of poverty amongst children in  Uganda, Africa.
We take the orphaned and abandoned children from the streets and give them an education and a home. This gives them the chance to gain internationally recognized qualifications and the ability to change their societies and economies from within.

Many will become the Leaders and qualified professionals this country so desperately seeks, giving them the vision and mission to change a nation’s future for ever. Together we can make miracles happen not just for today for these children but we give them the skills to impact generations to come.

Your Help

We are indebted to you for your support, kindness and commitment to see things change for our orphaned children. Together miracles can happen for these children. As director I am grateful for your efforts in this great work.

If you are thinking about joining these amazing children do not hesitate to get in contact. Many more children need your help. Tell your family, tell your friends and together WE CAN make a difference. It’s simple just contact me, Colin and I will talk you through how cheap and easy it is to help.