Building New Orphanage

Our new orphanage is being built for the boys who currently
live in school- the new building will be home to over 60 boys who struggle because of poverty. See what your money can do. Make the miracle happen for these boys .


Over 250 football shirts were donated in the UK and over 250 dresses were bought so that our children could benefit from having more that just their uniform to wear. Face book friends and many more blew the charity away with generous donations some even giving up their prized football shirts so that our children could benefit. We managed to kit out 250 boys in football shirts and supplied over 7 teams with a team kit. In many competitions our orphans enter they have to have a kit to play so they were overjoyed when we turned up with these shirts.



The children experienced a Christmas like no other. We bought food , drinks and every child in the school received a small present . Over 600 children attended and the party was amazing.